If your mind is in a hodgepodge because it can not decide the perfect from dress for your body type, then you have come to the right place. If you are able to identify your unique body shape then you can find here the best prom dress for you. It is important to understand the aim to be that you need to achieve while selecting a prom dress. Having the knowledge of flattering styles for is a key to look the best. You should always avoid the styles that are not for you. I bet you would like to avoid going to a prom in an old-fashioned dress. People always want to look up to date. One of the best styled prom dresses are designed by Missord that is bringing grace into the fashion industry. Depending upon the message that you want to convey through your free, you might want to wear colors that have the same energy as the event. For example, the most timeless color is pink that generates an electrifying effect. However, the size of your body plays a vital role in deciding what looks better on you. All of us have unique body shape that is the best in itself. However, no every style, color and pattern of a prom dress looks good on all of the unique body shapes.

Following are some of the body shapes and their characteristics so that you can find your body shape. Furthermore, a perfect choice of prom dresses is given for each body shape to help you radiate beckoning energy at the prom.

Apple Shaped Body

This unique body shape is yours if you have slender legs and you carry weight in the middle section with slightly shorter waistline. Full bust and wide shoulders are the characteristics of an apple shaped body type. In order to look the most beautiful in an apple body shape, you have to choose the prom dress for you that features an empire waist. Furthermore, the prom dresses that are heavily embellished are also a good choice for apple body shapes in order to create balance while creating attraction in the upper body. A-line prom dresses along with full skirts is also a good choice for you if your body is apple shaped. In order to present your midsection slim, prom dresses that have the accent ruching at the waist is the best choice for you. You can buy Missord prom dresses online from their website. They have a variety of prom dresses available for all body shapes.

Ltolto Strapless Sequin A-Line Dress XH1964


Busty Body

If your bust area is quite large and your hips are narrowed then you have a bust body shape. Another important characteristic of a busty body shape is a waist that is quite undefined. Missord prom dresses offer a variety of charming dresses for busty body type. A perfect choice for a busty body type would be a Missord dress that hugs your hips in a way that your waist gets defined. It is suggested that people having busty body shape should avoid short dresses for the prom in order to avoid imbalance in your appearance. A Missord evening dress that creates balance between your lower body and a busty top would be a perfect choice for you.

Ltolto Sweetheart Off-the-Shoulder Designer Prom Dress XH2051

Slender  Body

Thin frame is the what defines a slender body and this thin frame needs to be pointed up. If your body type is slender then you should go for enchanting fitted dresses. Fitted dresses defines your body in the most attractive way. Another suggestions for a slender body include Missord prom dresses with either empire or belted waists. Furthermore, asymmetrical necklines and Missord evening dresses having high slit is also a favorable option for slender body types. In order to add dimension to your slender body shape, you can choose any prom dress that exhibits an accent on your waist.

Ltolto One Shoulder Cut out Evening Dress MS011

Hourglass Body

In order to identify whether your body shape is hourglass or not, you just have to check if your figure is curvy and your hips are balanced. Another important characteristic of a hourglass body type is that your bust is proportionate and your legs are long. For such a body type, you can choose your prom dress with v-neck as well as open-necklines. Missord wrap dresses are a perfect choice to bring glamor to your hourglass body shape.

Ltolto Backless Designer Prom Dress M0645

Pear-shaped Body

In order to recognize whether your body shape is pear or not you have to see whether your hip area is broad or not. This body type is one of the most versatile bodies having broader hip area. Furthermore, people with this body type have a small bust and their waist is well defined. With this body shape, you definitely need to add volume to your upper body in order to bring balance to your body shape. A perfect choice for pear-shaped body type is an open neck dress with fitting. Missord evening dresses have a variety of fit dresses having open neck. Furthermore, a strapless evening dress will look perfect on you for the prom. A-line dresses also is a perfect choice for this body type and you will also look fabulous in a ball-gown.

Ltolto Off-the-Shoulder Sequin Gown XH2015

Petite Body

If your height is shorter than five feet than your body falls into the category of petite body type. Missord prom dresses section has a variety of dresses made specifically for petite body shapes. If your body type is petite than it is very important to that you go for a prom dress that will show your leg a little bit. Hi-low styles and short prom dresses will also suit you well if your body type is petite. These styles will help to balance your height by creating an appearance of length. Furthermore, Missord dress that is slim enough to fit your body is a right choice for you specially the vertical printed slim fitting dresses. Missord prom dresses with high necklines will be of help to you in order to create length so that you present yourself as an enticing and attractive beauty. Check out this Missord prom dress that is perfect for petite body type.

However, if you want to go with the trends by keeping your body shape in mind or you a set of styles of prom dresses in mind then here is a silhouette guide for your prom dress choice.

Who can wear a Ball Gown?

In the ancient world, a ball gown was merely a full skirt that was wore with a petticoat, a corset was used to achieve a tight. The subject was kept upright in order to obtain a perfect posture and the arms used to be bare in the ball gown dresses. However, times have converted the ancient ball gown into a magical silhouette that is perfect for anyone who has the dream of looking like a fairytale princess. The skirt of a ball gown is dramatically flared in the 21st century. You might like to keep the characteristics of a ball gown in mind if you buy a prom dress.

How you will look in a Fit & Flare dress?

The classy fit and flare dress date back to the 1930s when they first became the grace of fashion. This alluring piece of fashion industry is linked with Christian Dior’s “New Look” that consists of a full skirt and cinched waist. Missord prom dresses offer fit and flare dresses that feature flared skirt and a fitted bodice.

Is a Mermaid Prom Dress the best for you?

It was Marcel Rochas a designer from the beautiful city of France who introduced the Mermaid Dress after a decade of the first world war in the 1930s. The trademark of Rochas was the hourglass styles that he made in order to pay tribute to the body shapes of women. Hollywood actresses used to swoon over the mermaid dresses in the 1950s and the decades that followed. Sexiness and femininity are associated with the mermaid dresses. Taking inspiration of the Disney world, mermaid dress is liked by a majority of women from all around the world. An enchanting and tantalizing body shape is created by a mermaid dress that has extreme fitting that hugs the length of your body. At the bottom, the fabric flares out into a romantically mesmeric skirt. This dress immediately flares at or below the knee unlike the other dresses like fit and flare.

Ltolto Half-sleeve slit Mermaid Sequin Prom Dress XH1897 

How attractive is a Trumpet Skirt for Prom?

A hem skirt that is seven gore flared in known as a Trumpet Skirt that was strikingly popular in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. The trumpet skirt grew full only after 1900s but in the early years it used to be very slim below the hip. Early 1900s saw a care for the trumpet skirt in Europe. If you are interested in Trumpet skirt then you do not have to worry about your body shape. A trumpet skirt is a hodgepodge of styles of mermaid and the Fit and Flare dresses. A fitted bodice look is featured by Trumpet skirt that flare out starting from the hips quite gradually. The resemblance with the shape of a trumpet’s bell is the secret behind the name of this dress.

Can you wear a Sheath at a prom?

The close-fitting dresses that are recognized by a defined waist are known as the Sheath Dresses. This alluring type of dress has taken on multiple iterations throughout the history of fashion. In the ancient Egypt, sheath dresses were worn the most by everyone as is evident in the artwork of the ancient Egypt civilization. Straps were attached to the tubes of fabrics of this unique dress and the women of ancient Egypt were often depicted in tight-fitting fabric tubes. Elegance and grace are the most important characteristics of a Sheath. Resembling its grace with nature, the Sheath has a natural flow that automatically covers the shape of your body in a smooth manner. From the neckline down to the hem, a narrow form is created by the Sheath to bring a stunning look. Ball gowns are heavier than Sheath dresses so if you want to wear something nice that suits all types of body shapes then Sheath might be the right dress for you.

Will A-Line Prom Dress suit you better?

A-line prom dress is a recent addition to the world of style and fashion that has taken the world in its wrath of beauty and free spirited style. These prom dresses became the most common in the 21st century and women from all around the world started to wear A-Line Prom dresses. A-line prom dresses suit most of the body types so if you are an A-Line Prom dress enthusiast then you do not have to worry about the shape or type of your body. This type of Prom dress is basically a slimmer looking ball gown that features a fitted bodice extending from the waist to the hips. A skirt is another component of this type of enchanting prom dress that gradually widens to create a prepossessing dress. You can always try the Missord prom dresses in order to check every type of silhouette that serves your liking.


Fashion is not all about what is in the trends but instead anything that makes you look alluring and you feel beautiful in it, is fashion. It is the dream of millions of girls and women to look the most beautiful in a prom and this guide to align the beauty of your body with the beauty of your dress will help you to look the most beautiful in the room.Missord Dress is an effective choice because they offer a variety of prom dresses for every body shape.