In a broad sense, a dress is usually a special dress for various occasions. If you like to watch dramas, such as Downton Abbey, you might have some idea of what it was like to be an aristocratic lady who had to change a lot of clothes during the day, wear morning dresses for daytime social parties, and have afternoon tea or cocktail dress, evening dress at night. Friends' parties, family gatherings, weddings, celebrations, birthday parties, etc., are all formal dinner parties. The premise of choosing a dress is to know who you are, whether you are the leading or supporting actor

First of all, it's not that you go to a White House dinner and it's a formal event, but in everyday life, from red carpets to business dinners, It can be as small as an annual party, a cocktail party, or even a friend's wedding. The evening dress is the basic social literacy that you should have. In western tradition, evening dress refers to wearing after 6 pm. The work of this dress is extremely exquisite with high-grade materials, often made with silk, brocade, and velvet fabrics, supplemented by all kinds of embroidery, pearl, and other manual techniques. Let me tell you a common trick when you don't know what style of evening dress to wear for some occasion, you can't go wrong with the black sleeveless dress, which I call the little black dress, and it's a timeless staple in the dress world. So how do you choose your first little black dress? First, you have to know your body shape. Grow according to your size Avoid shortness and choose a small dress that highlights your strengths. You can check my other article: What prom dresses should I wear according to my body shape?

By cleverly using these decorations to keep the focus away from your flaws, can hold the room.
By the way, girls with a low waistline will have trouble showing their height. They deliberately choose a high waistline when choosing a dress or can highlight their waistline through a belt. Like Gossip Girl's Blake Lively, you can elevate your waistline with clever lines, and the benefits will be a noticeable thin waist, covering your body defect and showing your long legs.

In addition to the figure, the shape of the face is also a reference factor when choosing a dress. For square faces, try a V-shaped or heart-shaped neckline instead of a four-cornered one. The inverted triangle face and peach collar design do not match, can choose a boat or round collar style; As for the oval face, there are no special restrictions.

There are other suggested tips for picking your dream evening dress

Length: At least one of the 1-2 dresses should be short. Whether you need a long gown or not depends on how often your family and your wife participate in various activities. The grand sense of the dress increases with the length of the skirt, short to the thigh, can attend some club activities, but should not appear at the dinner party; Long to the ground, only suitable for dinner or red carpet occasions, any other time Overdress. My personal choice is two skirts that just hit the knee length.

The full length of the dress is perfect for different heights and an interesting cut out detail with an asymmetric sleeve will ensure you will be the talk of the evening. If you are not sure about the colour, black is always a safe option that is classy, timeless and definitely foolproof.     A long sleeve dress is also perfect if evenings are a bit chilly or if you would like to feel more covered during the evening. Moving on, another type of occasion that you might want to shop around is your prom. It is once in a lifetime occasion and it truly deserves the special dress. Although similar to evening gowns, prom dresses tend to be more playful, less serious and should be comfortable enough to allow you to dance the whole night. It really depends on your preference whether you decide to go for full length, midi or short dress when it comes to prom.   


ltolto Corset Sequin Mini Dress XH1944 - Rose Gold

Off Shoulder Sexy Corset Sequin Cocktail Dress XH1944

Silk fabric looks always elegant, timeless and feminine and the champagne colour is flattering to a wide range of skin colours. The fit of the dress is also comfortable for you to dance all night while looking absolutely stunning If you enjoy wearing a bit of colour and would like your prom dress to ‘pop’ Missord One Shoulder Sequin Prom Dress is definitely worth trying. Colour combined with settled sequin creates a beautiful illusion as if the whole dress was covered in stars. The full-length skirt and high slight create elongating illusion for your body. Whichever dress you decide to go for, it is here to make you shine, feel comfortable and enjoy the night.
Whether the fabric is delicate or not also reflects the sense of solemnity. In addition to the fabric itself, embroidery/hollowing/origami/beading, and other processes can improve the exquisite degree of fabric. However, from the perspective of easy maintenance, it is still less easy to wash and iron beaded nail flowers. There are too many options to choose from, just according to personal interests. But I recommend getting a satin fabric (or a more formal-looking fabric such as velvet) for more formal occasions.


ltolto Sleeveless Satin Designer Prom Dress XJ1112

Sleeveless Satin Designer Red Maxi Satin Prom Dress XJ1112

Color: Suggest a conservative dark color (black, navy blue, Burgundy, etc.), and a personal style color.

In terms of color, there is an unwritten rule: it is best not to wear white and red to a wedding because these are for the wedding dress and dragon coat respectively
General color, we attend the wedding must be with the new photo, color distinction, the picture will be better. Plus, for the big picture
It also makes the bride stand out from the crowd as the sole female lead (though she will have her aura that night anyway). 

Royal blue Missord evening dress

Besides the little black dress every girl should have, I would recommend royal blue first. Royal blue is very skin tone, first offering my mind's classic royal blue shape:

ltolto Cut-Out V-Neck Ruched Gown XH2040

Cut-Out V-Neck Ruched Blue Maxi Gown XH2040


Dark green Missord evening dress

As photogenic as royal blue, there is now a particularly popular dark green, elegant, retro. Dark green and a few days ago popular metal simple sense collocation rise, without violating, metal feeling lets daily design more have a window, dark green let us metal simple sense also change low-key a few.

ltolto One Shoulder Evening Dress XJ1047

One Shoulder Green Maxi Knit Evening Dress XJ1047


Burgundy Missord evening dress

If you're looking for a color that goes with everything and is safe to wear over and over again, I would recommend burgundy as the safest color.
Even with the latest craze for velvet. With the different colours that look like they interchange as different strokes of light hit, the dress makes for the show-stopper of the evening. The bold coloured look is balanced with the delicate covered style of the dress. It is not too much of an exaggeration.

ltolto One Shoulder Ruched Bodycon Designer Prom Dress XH2069

One Shoulder Ruched Bodycon Burgundy Prom Dress XH2069


Bright yellow Missord evening dress

Compared to the safest colors, if a fairy is confident in her skin tone and temperament, she can go for the challenge of bright yellow and nude skin! To pull these two colors off, you need a fair complexion and solid features

ltolto Satin Prom Dress XH2023

Backless Sleeveless Yellow Maxi Satin Prom Dress XH2023


Formal dress as a social etiquette culture has been handed down today. Is there a dress that has impressed you in Pride and Prejudice, or even in Disney movies such as Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast? The traditional dress is still amazing, but now the line is blurring. The design is outstanding and suitable for the individual design of the crowd, the dress is no longer confined to the traditional form. Haute couture, the independent designer brand, has become the choice of many young people to wear to formal occasions, which shows their individuality and also does not lose etiquette. Whether it's a bar mitzvah, a formal event at work, a big party among friends, a wedding reception, etc. Dress is generally based on the profile of clothing, fabric technology and color is suitable for their own to choose. Fit is important! An ill-fitting dress can affect the overall look. Clothing is a medium, a medium to express yourself. Don’t hesitate, click here to pick an affordable Missord evening dress.

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