Sequin dress has been very popular, wear dresses for girls is not strange, because whether it's everyday wear or of clothing to wear to the party, usually wear the dress, but for the party to wear dresses, and our daily wear dresses but there is a certain difference, after all, to attend more grand occasion, so wear the dress to be more delicate. When it comes to sequins, many people think of gorgeous dresses worn by actresses on the red carpet, because the dress needs a gorgeous feeling, just what sequin dress can satisfy. In fact, if you can add some sequin elements to your daily clothes, you can immediately improve the texture of your style. Here are a few fashion tips to make sequins not only wearable but also apply to makeup.

First of all, sequin prom dresses, while not quite in tune with everyday clothes, have some redeemable qualities. The first was a pink short sequin dress, which was covered in pink glitter and looked gorgeous at first sight. However, considering how easy it would be to wear this dress in everyday life, it is advisable to avoid this sequined piece for everyday wear. And the design of the waist is very important, If you want to create an elegant temperament, the waist design of the dress is very important. If the dress does not have a waist design, the visual effect of wearing it basically has nothing to do with delicate two words. It is possible to wear the visual effect of a bucket waist, and it is also possible to wear the visual effect of very short legs.

Therefore, if you want to wear a dress to wear a high-level sense, first of all, we should consider whether there is a waist design. If there is no waist design, try to use a waist belt to waist, a belt can sometimes solve a lot of problems.

Ltolto Formal One-Shoulder Sequin Midi Dress XH2024

Formal One Shoulder Rose Gold Sequin Cocktail Dress XH2024

Silver sequin dress, though a relatively low-key color, should be considered carefully for everyday wear, just look at the effect on our photos. Although the dress is not a big flash design style, the dense distribution of silver sequin dress, or makes the dress bring a full sense of visual impact, that will show your weakness of the body.


How to wear sequins in daily?

1.Avoid large sequins

To make sequins a more understated part of your everyday wardrobe, avoid large sequins in the first place. In fact, sequins are also divided into size, the greater the area of sequins, the stronger the border naturally, a plurality of sequins superimposed together, the sense of visual impact will be more intense than small and dense sequins. So if you want sequins to be more discreet, avoid sequins. As for why there is such a visual effect, actually can be explained by graphic splicing. If you want to use rectangles to splice a rounded arc curve, only the smaller the area of rectangles, the boundary feeling after splicing together will not be so strong, and the "arc" formed will look more natural. The same goes for sequins, where small sequins are superimposed in a natural way, while large sequins are like fish scales, one piece at a time.

Ltolto Split Thigh Sequins Cami Prom Dress M01224

Deep V-Neck Sequins Apricot Maxi Cami Dress M01224

2. Half fabric with Half Sequin

Understand the shape of sequins, and then specific clothing items. Sequins appear in everyday clothing items, mostly on dresses, with skirts being more recommended than dresses. If the dress is all over the sequins, and the actress wearing the dress is about the same, a daily match can be a little too gorgeous. The skirt must be matched with other clothing items, this time you can use the coordination effect between clothing, let the top play a certain suppression effect, and avoid sequins too eye-catching. For dark-colored items, there will be a certain color suppression effect for sequins. Remember that the fabric must not have any luster, or it will be easy to mix with sequins. You can take a look of this navy blue sequin dress, the top is velvet fabric with a cross-shoulder design, and the bottom with a low-key sequin flower pattern which can show your body shape perfectly and hide your belly as well.

Ltolto Plus Size Sweetheart Neck Fishtail Prom Dress PXJ572 - Blue

Plus Size Sweetheart Neck Fishtail Sequin MaxiBlue Prom Dress PXJ572

3. Sequins appear in as small an area as possible

The first two collocation tips may be more targeted, share the third collocation tips, which can really make sequins in daily wear very low-key. The idea is to minimize the size of the sequins because sequins are so shiny that they can be a little too flashy for everyday wear. Reduce the area of glitter as much as possible, and naturally, it will be less noticeable and less gorgeous.This slip sequin dress can show your beautiful leg.

Ltolto Strapless Sequin A-Line Dress XH1964

Strapless Sequin A-Line Evening Dress XH1964

Add glitter and eye makeup for a more gorgeous look

1. Embellish in the location of the lacrimal mole, more provocative than the that, If you're not confident with sequins, try a sequins look, which many actresses have already done, to make your eye makeup more gorgeous and layered. Share the first glitter embellishment position is in the lacrimal mole position, not everyone has a natural one, but the existence of that area does not raise the beauty style. A lot of girls still can use eyeliner to point designeously, replace with glitter actually also is a very good choice, more hold up person than natural tear mole!
    2. Embellish in eye end, makeup look has amorous feelings more the glitter embellishes the eye end, which is more simple and easy to operate than the glitter one. After all, it still has a general position. And embellish glitter in eye end, need according to oneself eye model decision only good. As for after all is in eyelid slant on still slant below, did not specify particularly, so can have more leeway to play, single or many sequins ornament is very good!
      3. Small flash dye, more effective than highlights. When a lot of girls do makeup, they will also use such a product as highlights. In fact, as long as you choose sparkles small enough, they can be used instead of highlights. It will be shinier than highlights, just pay attention to not too much area, otherwise, it will be very easy to show swollen eyes, single eyelid girls are advised not to try this makeup.

        The sequins are just for the dress? Teach you a few fashion tips, sequins can not only wear but also makeup, let sequins add to your daily look!



        Justin Lin