When Should I Buy A Prom Dress?

With prom season almost upon us, now is the quintessential time to start making your list of the most veritably chic prom dress styles 2022 has to offer. While prom dress shopping is arguably fun, it can also be equally overwhelming. When should I buy a prom dress? What style looks the best on my body type? Can I re-wear my Missord dress after that special night to make the most of my investment? Don’t fret! All your most-asked questions will be answered ahead.

We know what you are thinking. Is it too early to buy my dream Missord prom dress? What if they come up with another style that fits my aesthetic even better down the line? But if I wait too long, my Missord designer prom dress might very well be out of stock. The truth is that there is no better time to buy your dream dress than right now. Here’s why: 

Typically, prom takes place during March, April, and May through June. This means that our Missord evening dress collections are scheduled to launch in October/November. While it may seem too early at first, in reality, even if you are a happy-go-lucky woman with no strict preferences, it will take you at least a month to decide on the best colors, fabrics, and styles before finally selecting your dream prom dress. The answer to the question “when should I buy one?” is at least two months ahead of time.

Advantages To Buying Your Prom Dress Early

  • Avoid last-minute rushed decisions

As we mentioned, prom dresses shopping is exciting, yet a bit overwhelming. If you take our word for it and start looking for the best Missord evening dress early, you won’t have to worry about the time - there is nothing worse than forcing yourself to make a big decision at the last minute. So make sure to avoid rush options that might end up being not-so-dreamy after all. 

  • Leave enough time for potential alterations

While every Missord designer prom dress comes with a very comprehensive sizing guide that’s extremely easy to understand and follow, sometimes your beautiful dress might need a few adaptations or alterations to fit your own, unique body types. Seamstresses require additional time to perfect their alterations. That’s exactly why you should shop for a prom dress early.

  • Avoid express shipping charges & don’t stress over delivery

The advantages to buying your prom dresses early are many, including leaving enough time for shopping. Depending on the price of the Missord dress of choice, you can enjoy standard free shipping (which takes 5-20 business days) or, DHL/FedEx Express Shipping (3-10 business days) for an extra fee. Honestly, who likes additional rush shipping charges? Let’s make sure that your dream dress has enough time to travel to you rush-free.


  • Allow enough time to choose the right accessories, hair & makeup

When you already have your show-stopping Missord designer prom dress in hand, you can allow as much time as you need to opt for the ideal accessories as well as choose the best shoes, hair, and makeup. Your wearing is like a canvas, every other aspect of your appearance should co-exist in harmony. So instead of guessing, why not have your Missord prom dress with you to make sure that everything fits the aesthetic perfectly?

  • Give your date enough time to find the perfect suit

Last but definitely not least, if you buy a prom dress early, your date will have much time to prepare and coordinate his look accordingly. 


 The Best Missord Prom Dress Options For An Unforgettable Night

Luckily, there is an array of missord prom dress options to choose from. Whether you are on a quest to find the best off-the-shoulder missord evening dress to accentuate your collarbones and compliment your figure or looking for a modest Missord designer prom dress with subtle hints of sparkle, our collections have all your sartorial needs covered.

Ltolto Sleeveless Fishtail Prom Dress XH2012

Sleeveless Mermaid Sequin Apricot Prom Dress XH2012

This dazzling gown will certainly tick all your style, quality, and glam boxes. The Apricot color looks amazing against pretty much every skin tone. The strapless, bodycon mermaid silhouette will flatter your curves and enhance the look of your curves. It’s the perfect Missord evening dress for every preppy-chic woman who loves to sparkle.

Ltolto Off Shoulder Designer Prom Dress XJ384

Off Shoulder Draping Plicated Zip Back Blue Prom Dress XJ384

Chic, elegant, and utterly feminine, this Missord designer prom dress has the most beautiful green color. If you want to make everyone stop and stare as you enter the room, this style will offer that old-Hollywood flair everyone loves so much. It has a bodycon silhouette and the most flattering off-shoulder pattern! So pretty!

Ltolto One Shoulder Cut Out Evening Dress MS011

One Shoulder Split Thigh Cut-out Floor Length Dress MS011

If you prefer something elegant and sophisticated, nothing can rival the sleek look of an all-black gown with unexpected cut-outs at the front. The one-shoulder one-shoulder silhouette can take you everywhere from prom, to evening galas and events. So rest assured that you’ll be wearing this dress for years to come.

Ltolto One Shoulder Designer Prom Dress XJ879

One Shoulder Draped Split Contrast Sequin Prom Dress XJ879

This glamorous, color-blocking Missord prom dress will look absolutely gorgeous in every photo - that’s a promise. It not only reflects the light in the most flattering way possible but also the body in all the right places. As for the exaggerated ruffles, let’s just say that they will add a whimsical flair to your preppy-chic look.

Ltolto Satin Prom Dress XH2023

Backless Sleeveless Yellow Maxi Satin Prom Dress XH2023

This yellow Missord evening dress was designed for all types of special events including your magical prom night. The sequins at the top add a touch of glam to the otherwise plain pattern. The dress features a backless style that will definitely grant you some looks of admiration.

No matter your aesthetic, you will definitely find something otherworldly beautiful for your special night at Missord.com. Take a look at our Evening Dress Collection to discover even more styles. And remember, the answer to the question “when should I buy a prom dress?” will pretty much always be “right now!” - the sooner you choose your beautiful Missord prom dress, the better.

Justin Lin