What is the difference between a prom dress and an evening gown?

For most women, buying an occasion dress is a real experience. There are a lot of occasions for which buying a dress is a real ‘must’. The range of dresses is therefore huge. This sometimes makes it difficult to make a choice, especially when you must take the function of the dress into account. For example, what is the difference between a prom dress and an evening gown? It can be valuable to know this when choosing a dress. We at Missord are happy to tell you the difference.

What is a prom dress?

Before we go and talk about the differences between a prom and an evening dress, it's good to know what a prom dress is exactly. A prom dress is extremely popular with young girls who want to participate in their high school prom. In many countries, this is an important event that requires a beautiful and special prom dress. Choosing the perfect dress is therefore something that generally takes a lot of time. The search often begins well in advance and people often only stop searching when the most perfect dress has been found. Still, you can usually wear a prom dress to other occasions as well, such as a big party or a cocktail party.

And what about an evening dress?

An evening dress is a special garment that many women like to wear. With this type of dress, the necklines are usually lag and the bodices are tight. They are also nicely fitted and often have no sleeves. Evening dresses can be tight all over the body but can also be increasingly flared. The body of the woman wearing the dress is often emphasized as much as possible. Most women choose an evening dress that matches the fashion of the moment. There are often dress codes associated with an event as well. It can be worthwhile to keep these in mind when choosing an evening dress.

The importance of the colour of the dress

Now that we know what prom dresses and evening dresses are, let's take a closer look at the differences between these two types of dresses. You can wear a prom dress for many different occasions. The nice thing about this type of dress is that you can really go in any direction you want. Do you like a quiet one-coloured dress? Or do you prefer a dress with many colours and a big bow on the front? With a prom dress, you really have all kinds of colour combinations and patterns to choose from. Whether you go for glitter or diamonds, it doesn't matter! With an evening dress, it's a bit different. Here you must look closely at the dress code and the type of occasion. An evening dress often has a more formal look. So don't go for colours that are too bold and keep it a bit simpler. Of course, you can go for another colour than black, grey, or white, but don't overdo it. We’ll give you a few examples of a colourful prom dress and a sophisticated evening dress.

Ltolto Sleeveless Fishtail Prom Dress XH2012 - Apricot

Sleeveless Mermaid Sequin Apricot Prom Dress XH2012

This beautiful dress will make you the Belle of the Ball on any prom. The pretty apricot colour will make you stand out and turn heads when you walk by. The bow on the front makes the dress extra special and gives it an elegant look. The sparkles are stunning, and the shape of the dress will accent the shape of your body perfectly. 

Ltolto One Shoulder Cut Out Evening Dress MS011

One Shoulder Split Thigh Cut-out Floor Length Dress MS011

This stunning evening dress is all black, which gives it the perfect sophisticated look. When you’re wearing an evening dress, it’s probably because you’re going to a classy occasion that requires an elegant dress. With this gorgeous dress that really shows off the shape of your body, you’ll be able to dress perfectly for any formal occasion.

  • Don't think too much about the fabric of the dress

When it comes to the fabric of the dress, it is simple; there is not much difference. Prom dresses and evening dresses can be made of the same type of fabric. You can choose from fabrics like satin, taffeta, and organza. These kinds of fabrics are beautiful with almost every dress. At Missord you can choose from a wide range of different fabrics, so go for the fabric you feel good about and that appeals to you the most.

  • Do take the length of the skirt into account

It is important that you are aware of the difference in skirt length. With prom dresses, there is more choice than with evening dresses. When you go for a Missord prom dress you can choose from a length up to the foot and a length above the knee. Here you can choose instinctively and go for the length you feel most comfortable with. If you want to show off your legs, you could go for a short dress for example. If you’re not feeling for a short dress, you can easily find a beautiful long prom dress in our collection.  With evening dresses, it is a bit different. You'll rarely find these dresses above the knee. Often, they come over the knee or even touch the ground. The latter is most popular with these types of dresses. Again, take the dress code into account, as it will often tell you what is desirable and what is not.

Ltolto Corset Sequin Mini Dress XH1944 - Rose Gold

Off Shoulder Sexy Corset Sequin Cocktail Dress XH1944

Our amazing Corset Sequin Mini Dress is the perfect option for prom if you want to go for a short dress. The glitters and the gorgeous rose gold colour make it a real eye-catcher and will make sure that you are not being overlooked. You can really show of your legs and because it’s a tight model, it can accentuate the rest of your body. The big puffy sleeves make the dress special and will make you stand out.

Ltolto One Shoulder Evening Dress XJ1047 - Green

One Shoulder Green Maxi Knit Evening Dress XJ1047

As we’ve mentioned already, an evening dress should probably belong. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have many options. Take our Shoulder Evening Dress for example which comes in a beautiful green colour. The length and the details on the dress make it classy and feminine. The mermaid shape shows off all the right features of your body and will make you feel confident and beautiful. Even if you prefer wearing short dresses, a dress like this will make sure that you’re satisfied.

The thing that best distinguishes a prom dress from an evening dress is the intended occasion

Perhaps the biggest difference lies in the purpose of wearing the dress. For which occasion do you buy it and what kind of an occasion is it? A prom dress is usually worn to a more informal gathering, such as a cocktail party or a high school gala. These kinds of events often have less strict dress codes. So, you can choose from a wide range and really go for what you like. Evening dresses are often meant for more formal occasions, like a wedding. There are often clearer dress codes and therefore you have less choice. At a formal event, it is more important what you wear than at a high school gala or at a cocktail party. So, take the occasion into consideration and don't just pick any dress.

Ltolto Chain Sequin Mini Dress M01596 - White

Chain Detail Sequin White Mini Bodycon Dress M01596

For a cocktail party, you can easily go for our gorgeous Chain Sequin Mini Dress. The beads and the glitters make it an extraordinary dress that will amaze everyone. It also has details on the shoulders that will make it extra special. You can not only wear this to a cocktail party, but it’s also perfect for a prom or another more informal party. The white colour goes with any pair of shoes and accessories. It’s a beautiful, elegant dress that is easy to combine with any other colour.

Ltolto Mermaid One-Shoulder Maxi Evening Dress XH2021 - Apricot

One-Shoulder Sequin Maxi Evening Dress XH2021

For a more formal occasion, you can better go for this amazing Mermaid One-Shoulder Maxi Evening Dress. This apricot-coloured dress is the perfect choice for almost any formal occasion. The Mermaid shape does good for almost any body type and the bow on the shoulder gives it an extra special touch. The colour of the dress is subtle, yet exciting. It’s an elegant and classy dress that makes sure it’s appropriate with any type of event.

And then finally... the accessories

You might not think it right away, but accessories are very important when choosing an outfit. It doesn't necessarily matter where you are going, it is always important that the accessories match the dress. Whether it's a stylish clutch or a striking necklace, you should always consider whether it matches the dress or not. Think about the shoes you wear, for example. You can be so in love with a pair of shoes, if they don't match the dress, it won't work. Consider the dress as the basis of the look and build around it. When you keep this in mind, you can hardly go wrong.

Justin Lin