How to choose bridesmaid dresses?

Choosing bridesmaid dresses is real science, and we've put together a list of things to help solve the puzzle. It also includes the most popular bridesmaid dresses in recent years, as well as some beautiful and affordable Missord bridesmaid dresses! As the most important role of the bride, the bridesmaid has always been one of the focus of the wedding guests. The bride will usually invite her closest sisters to accompany her to complete the most important ceremony in her life. But the leading role of the wedding is the bride, the choice of bridesmaid dress is also a more important issue. Can not be too simple, with the bride to form a greater contrast, also can not be too colorful, covering up the bride's elegant demeanor. The choice of bridesmaid dress is not as high as wedding dress requirements, bridesmaids generally only need a bridesmaid small dress can, the style should be generous, not cumbersome. As the bridesmaids around the bride, to better coordinate with the bride and groom, the most popular choice is a small dress or a more formal dress. And the bride's wedding dress or dress can form a more unified style and can achieve the effect of setting off the bride. Bridesmaids work very hard, to accompany the bride to take care of the whole walk around, busy. Go up in the choice of the shoe so, unfavorable wear vamp too tight, heel too fine shoe, comfortable and decent enough.

Missord Tips:Collocation bride wedding dress to choose

A good bridesmaids' dress must be neither overwhelming, also can let bridesmaids become beautiful scenery at the wedding! The design is more simple than the bride's wedding dress; The color should not be too strong and gorgeous, and the visual effect should not be over the bride. It is recommended to give priority to light colors such as pink and nude, which can set off the quiet and beautiful atmosphere of the wedding. In addition, relaxing colors such as goose yellow, quiet blue, and mint green also can consider, as more appropriate for outdoor weddings, but the key is to want to be united with the mass-tone photograph that the wedding decorates.
Ltolto tips:Choose by wedding venue
Also consider the wedding venue, wedding style, and color, do not rush to pick a dress just like you.
①Indoor weddings as far as possible choose light colors, outdoor weddings can be based on the wedding setting style, the primary color, and so on.
② if the wedding set is a more luxurious indoor wedding, try to choose a dignified and decent long slender dress.
③if it is an outdoor wedding, to create a small and fresh romantic atmosphere, you can choose a light short small dress, but pay attention to the length, avoid too short to bring some unnecessary troubles, such as not too convenient when sitting; On the other hand, too sexy guests and elders will have a sense of frivolity.


Missord tips: Bridesmaid dress style and bridesmaid figure collocation selection

①Petite bridesmaid: more suitable for the cutting of high waistline, to highlight the character of yarn fabric, waist with texture to modify the figure is too thin to enhance the thickness.
②Well-proportioned bridesmaids: you can choose to design with the body according to the face shape to choose their dress, in style for well-proportioned bridesmaids is not restricted.
③ Straight shape bridesmaids: you can wear dresses with coats to accentuate the shoulder design, and you can choose flounces to add layers to the body.  
④Plump bridesmaids: the style should be simple and can choose A skirt type, the pendulum should not be too large.

Missord tips: Bridesmaid dress neckline design and bridesmaid face matching

Round face bridesmaids: Best for v-neck dresses, hair parted in the middle to elongate the face.

Bridesmaids with long faces: Round necklines and letters are preferred to soften the lines.

Bridesmaids with square faces: Round necklines are preferred. A bridesmaid with an inverted triangle face is also suitable for a round-neck dress. Goose face bridesmaid: The most versatile face shape and neckline, suitable for a variety of necklines can be chosen according to personal preference.

 Other Tips:

  1. First of all, be sure to ask if the bride has all her favorite styles, color, etc., after all, the bride is the protagonist.
  2. Do not choose thin materials. It has more texture than heavy fabrics and looks more harmonious when photographed.
  3. It's better to try it on yourself. Only when worn can you feel whether the dress will rub your skin and make you look fat.
  4. Choose dresses that don't require much change. Because if you choose the style that needs to be changed more, the cost goes up, and the cost performance is low.
  5. Match the length of the dress with the bridesmaid's shoes. Avoid incongruity.

Then, look at the recent popular bridesmaid dress elements

The Girls Club series: If you have a large number of bridesmaids, you can directly consider buying the girl group collection, which has a uniform style and great details.

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Lace Dress: Lace fabrics can make you look more feminine as a bridesmaid. By the way, not all bridesmaid dresses need to be the same color, but you can choose 2-3 similar colors to show off your best friend's style.

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Printing and embroidery: According to the wedding place and the overall layout of the wedding choose a bridesmaid dress, if the wedding is forest, pastoral, or on the beach, outdoor can choose printing, embroidery, chiffon fabric bridesmaid dress.

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Two Pieces: In addition to dresses, some catwalk dresses, two-piece sets, jumpsuits, long or short evening dresses, and even simple dresses can be chosen as bridesmaid dresses.






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