The History of the prom dress is deep-rooted in American pop culture. A promenade dance, usually called a prom, which is a dance party for high school students. This formal party is held for older high school students at the end of the school year.
In the mid 19th century, it began as a simple farewell dance party for graduate students in the Northeast colleges of Harvard University and Amherst College. Over time, it became popular among teens in high school in the 1940s.
The beginning of the prom is not considered an extraordinary event. It is just a farewell party night, and the dress code you can wear is your Sunday best. There was not a specific dress that was required for the promenade.
The term teenager is unknown, but after WWII, the emergence of the teenager tradition became distinctive. So, the dresses for different occasions are selected carefully.
The prom was rooted in America and afterward spread in Canada, Uk, and around the globe with different names and norms.

The Evolution of the prom Dress

An expert on youth culture at George Mason University, Amy Best, took the responsibility to choose the best dress for prom in her book Prom Night: Youth, Schools, and Popular Culture. She interviewed the students and decided to select a unique style that people must remember her dress. 

Prom Dress in the 1940s-1950s

In the mid-century, prom dresses were not as sexy as they are now. In the 1940s, the prom dresses was cut slim and close to the body. A woman did not wear it for a sexier body look.The frocks were sewn simply with a higher neckline and covered puffy shoulders with floor-grazing hemline with the heavy fabric of velvet and taffeta.
In the 1950s, waist-whittling tea-length dresses dominated the fashion for prom-goers. In the mid-century, everyone preferred this style and shape. The style consists of a full skirt, fitted waist, and calf-grazing hems, maximum of 4 inches long below the knees.
Styles of frilly ruffles, shorter necklines than in earlier decades, and strapless skirts were also in trend in the 1950s.
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Prom Dress in the 1960s- 1970s

In the early 60s, the fashion of short skirts returned that was dominated for two decades. It resembled a baby doll silhouette, a slimmer skirt pairing with the higher waistline. The top-up is a boat neck shape. Later on, minor changes occurred.
A variety of necklines were designed paired with the empire waist shapes—sleeveless boat neck style. Square shape neckline with short sleeves and ultra voluminous coifs became a traditional dress in the 1960s.
In the 1970s, the dress trends became more comprehensive, and prom dresses became roomier in a cut. Not any particular shape and indentation of waistline, snug bodices, sleeves styles, and strapless neckline. The frocks were often sleeveless with the lace-trimmed neckline or long sleeves designed with extra fabric to give the sheer and billowy look.
The trend was changed when Carrie performed on the silver screen. She wore a clean-lined strappy gown paired with a fluid skirt. The prom night was held at the white house, and Susan Ford, daughter of President Ford, wore a flowy salmon-hued jersey gown.
This pink dress was designed by a famous designer, Albert Capraro. It became the iconic prom-dress of the 70s.
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Prom Dress in the 1980s-1990s

In 1986 John Cryer and Molly Ringwald performed in the film Pretty in the Pink. After this film, this dress achieved another milestone. The prom dress category enhanced a lot in this era. The extraordinary details and cuts are added to prom dresses.
The ultra poufy details include oversized bows and ruffles with flashy metallic fabric. The makeup is also heavy, equal to the rich prom dresses. The pale pink dress has become a ritual worn at prom nights as Molly wore in the teen classic Pretty in Pink.
In the early 90s, the prom dresses were slightly different from the 80s. Lots of poufs and splendid metallic hues are similar to the 80s to a great extent. In this era, sweetheart necklines became in trend for prom lovers. The trend has changed from silhouette to mild waistline longer to hit the hips.
Classic necklines with shorter hemlines were also commonly designed. In the early 90s, short skirts are also liked by promgoers. The trend was also changing due to the media or actresses. In an episode of Beverly Hills, the identical wore massive, black tube dresses with white bow-adorned off-the-shoulder necklines.
It was so impressive that it remained an iconic style for a decade. Later on, the designers introduced new trends like spaghetti straps, silky slip dresses. This supreme style was known as the ill-fated style.
Another most famous silhouette of the 890s consists of skinny-strapped styles. It has a long, floor-grazing gown with flaunted ample shoulders and back. Prom-worthy teenagers like this style.
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Prom Dress in the 2000s-2010s

In this modern era, the trend has revolutionized. The bubble hemmed style, strapless gowns embellishment, colorful resembling and less voluminous. The shoulder-less style, one-shoulder style, sweetheart necklines, dramatic necklines, and halter-style necklines became trendy.
Prom-dress selection and the wearing is a very controversial issue. Some schools restrict the students and instruct the girls on what they can wear or what they can't wear.
In the 2010s, the dramatic cutout and styles of prom dresses are in trend now. Ordinary people are constantly inspired by celebrities' attractive looks and graceful personalities. They always copy the styles of their favorite celebrities.
In this age of fashion, social media and fashion shows are responsible for trending the sexiest prom dresses. By the 2010s, every prom goer wants to look like miss universe and professional dancer celebrities. So, the one-shoulder, sequin dresses, mermaid sequin dresses. Sleeveless and off-the-shoulder dresses have become trendy.
By the 2020s and onwards, the prom dresses significantly enhance the personality of prom goers. In this modern fashion era, expert designers and brands frequently launch new designs and cutouts of prom dresses.
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New Fashion of Missord

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