The Modern Bridesmaid Dress Guide

You have it all figured out for your upcoming wedding, you know exactly how the reception décor will look, and you have found your dream wedding dress. But there is still something missing from that picture-perfect frame you have in your mind, your bridesmaids' dresses

Finding a bridesmaid's dress is not a simple task since you need a design that suits different body shapes, styles, and personalities. While you cover all those needs, you must also make sure those dresses fit into the aesthetic of your celebration. And most importantly, you want them to look flawless and modern. 

But how do you even begin to look for a modern bridesmaid dress? Or what does it even mean to pick a modern style? We know you have plenty of questions in mind, and you want to make the best decision possible. That is why we have a modern bridesmaid dress guide for you with everything there is to know to pick the perfect dress from our hundreds of styles available at Missord bridesmaid collection. 

The modern bridesmaid looks astonishing. Forget about the boring and traditional colors or shapes; today, bridesmaids are allowed to showcase their personalities, there are no rules about color, and most importantly, they can shine without competing with the bride. If you look for a modern approach, keep reading and find out how to pull off the most spectacular result with the help of Missord dress for bridesmaids. 

  • Listen to your girls. 

We understand a bridesmaid's duty is to support the bride, even if she wants their bridesmaids to wear an unflattering color on her wedding day. But if you want to be remembered as the coolest bride in the existence of brides, you need to come to an agreement with your bridesmaids, so you both feel great about their dresses. This does not mean you should let them take control of the task unless you want them to. It is more about taking into consideration their feelings and opinions and finding a middle point. 

A great way to achieve it is by brainstorming; ask them to send you a couple of their favorite styles, you can give them a guideline like the color swatch you are considering or perhaps a general idea. Seeing what they have in mind will help you find a style that suits everyone's needs better. Talk about budget too, so you don't pick an option that is out of their possibilities. Consider they also need to find accessories and have a glam session in addition to buying the bridesmaid's dress. 

  • Pick multiple styles 

Modern bridesmaid dresses are all about letting their personalities shine. If you want to skip the hassle of finding a single style that fits everyone, this is the perfect alternative. You only need to establish some ground rules, perhaps the length, the color or color palette, or you can tell them to choose spring or floral pattern, a fall color, something that helps them in the process and looks aesthetic in your photos. 

Choosing this option lets your bridesmaids find the best style for their body and personality while being mindful of your wishes. They will look amazing because when you feel comfortable, you shine brighter. Perhaps one of them prefers to keep it simple with a long dress and split sleeves, while others prefer a show some more in a one-shoulder cut-out dress. 

  • Add texture 

Textured dresses are one of the biggest trends for bridesmaids currently. Contrary to what is traditionally established, a bridesmaid can wear texture with a patterned fabric, sequins, and much more without looking out of place. And texture fits into any season of the year. You can add florals and sequins in soft colors for spring and summer weddings if the wedding starts early. For autumn and winter or formal weddings, the patterns can include sequins or beading in darker tones. 

Ltolto Floor Length Sequin Sheath Gown XH2011

Floor Length Sequin Sheath Purple Maxi Gown XH2011

  • Choose volume 

Volume in bridesmaid dresses is often underestimated, and some brides even fear being left behind if their bridesmaids wear a ruffled dress. Fortunately, there are now many options to add volume to your bridesmaids without looking at themselves as the bride. First, you need to make sure you choose a stunning color or even some sequins to differentiate your dress. Then it is time to focus the volume on one part of the dress, and you don't want your bridesmaids to look like a ball of tulle, keep the volume on the upper part of the dress if your wedding dress has a fluffy skirt to balance the image. 

Ltolto Glitter One-Shoulder Designer Prom Dress XH2070

Glitter One-Shoulder Designer Sequin Prom Dress XH2070

  • Choose one silhouette 

Focusing on a single silhouette instead of a color or pattern could give your bridesmaids better guidelines and freedom to choose the color that suits their skin tone. Let's say you choose a mermaid silhouette for them since you are wearing a princess wedding dress. They can choose from many different necklines, perhaps a one-shoulder, strapless, or even add sleeves. Or you can do the classic A-line that is flattering for any body type. 

To keep the overall result even more controlled, you can also determine a color palette and the silhouette. Modern bridesmaids don't always wear the same dress or color but still stay within the same color range. For example, you can choose an A-line silhouette and pastel colors or different shades of purple. Your bridesmaids still have the freedom to choose a flattering neckline and color, after all, while you keep the wedding aesthetic cohesive. 

Ltolto A-Line Maxi Designer Prom Dress XJ1147

A Line Tank Purple Maxi Knit Prom Dress XJ1147

  • Establish a color palette 

This is one of the easiest ways to choose bridesmaid dresses, both for the bride and the bridesmaids. The reason is you don't set rules for the style, pattern, or even specific color. All you need to do is provide your bridesmaids with a specific color palette, perhaps one that includes a certain number of colors or one color in a couple of different tonalities. 

Your bridesmaids will choose the neckline, length, fabric, and color. The result is amazing, even better than planned in most cases because you can see how every bridesmaid shows her personality and style while staying within your color palette. Here is an example of how you can have different styles within the same color palette, and the best part of all is you can buy them online with Missord bridesmaid collection and receive them on your doorstep. 

Ltolto Mermaid Hem Sequin Prom Dress FT4912

Off Shoulder Sequin Mermaid Bodycon Prom Dress FT4912

  • Choose uncommon colors 

For many cultures wearing a black or white dress is a sign of disrespect for the bride since there is a meaning behind those colors, but weddings are now stepping out from the traditional and including those colors for the bridesmaids. The result is simply stunning, your wedding dress could never be mistaken for a bridesmaid dress, and if you are looking for an ultra-modern approach or a minimalism one, this is the best way to go. 

Black bridesmaid dresses are modern and flattering for any of your bridesmaids, and you can choose one with beads, sequins, or details like a cut-out or even lace. Play with the length of the silhouette to make them stand out, and we have plenty of alternatives for your Missord bridesmaid's dress. You can mix and match or find a style that comes in various sizes. 

Ltolto One Shoulder Cut out Evening Dress MS011

One Shoulder Split Thigh Cut-out Floor Length Dress MS011

  • Keep it short.

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box and modern style, you can forgo the regular floor-length bridesmaid dress and pick a shorter dress. Missord bridesmaid collection offers you options for modern bridesmaids that want to impress and look amazing. And don’t worry about feeling too casual as a bridesmaid wearing a mini dress because if you choose the right color and fabric, that won’t be an issue. In addition to a wide selection of styles, our mini dresses have features like half sleeves or see-through details to enhance the look.

When you choose a shorter bridesmaid dress, it is recommendable to balance the whole look by adding a textured or heavy fabric like velvet, sequins, or similar. This alternative looks amazing during hot seasons and keeps your bridesmaids comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable with a mini dress above the knee, you can choose one that reaches the knee and fits a cocktail dress code. Picking a sequin fabric is also a great idea to make your shorter dress look formal and wow everyone.

Ltolto Formal One-Shoulder Sequin Midi Dress XH2024

Formal One Shoulder Rose Gold Sequin Cocktail Dress XH2024

There you have them, a complete guide to make sure your bridesmaids look modern and stylish without much effort. With all the things you need to do while organizing your wedding day, the last thing you need is to have drama over your bridesmaid dresses. That is why Missord bridesmaid collection are here to make things simple with multiple options and the easiest way to buy a dress. 

Don't feel limited by local shops offering outdated options that don't fit into your modern vision for the wedding. Missord bridesmaid collection offers a large variety of dresses for any occasion and style, for a bridesmaid, to attend prom, for wedding guests, and for any other formal event that requires you to look like a movie star. There are plenty of silhouettes, necklines, fabrics, colors, and sizes to fit every need. The dress of your dreams is waiting for you around the corner; start browsing through Missord and find it today. 

Justin Lin