Our Product Features


Missord's Wear was wear-tested around the world and proven to be the best fit. Leave you room for comfort without being baggy.


Natural and eco-friendly fabric. No irritating, no odor worries, extremely comfortable and soft.


Keeping you cool and dry when the tropical sun is beating down on you from above.


Exquisite Tailoring. Every craftsmanship has been carefully designed to reflect taste and value.


Environmentally friendly and high-quality fabrics

Missord has twelve years of experience in manufacturing clothing suppliers, all the materials of our dresses are the best, comparable to the materials of $500 or thousands of dollars in dresses. No need to doubt the quality because of its high-cost performance. The exquisite quality will make you think of the Missord dress in your closet more than once on every occasion.

Our dresses are available in a variety of fabrics, Missord's most popular fabrics are: Sequin, Velvet, Tulle, Satin, Chiffon, Knit, Cotton Blend, Lace, etc.


Sequin fabric is a glitter fabric embroidered with beads, generally used for clothing, wedding fabrics, shoes, hats, bags, etc. Sequin fabric's bead material is reflective material with a dazzling bead reflective shining effect and is the best material fabric for noble dresses and high-grade products, the silk texture satin fabric in the base fabric itself is embellished with its elegant fabric characteristics.


Our satin fabric is very drapey and very smooth. It is the best choice for formal evening dresses, luxury pajamas, and lingerie of many premium brands

Our salad fabric is made of silk charmeuse. It’s made using a satin-weave construction using creped yarns. It has a liquid drape, shiny front, and matte “peach” feel back.