Homecoming is a time for everybody to come together. Homecoming is when we, as students, get to show our school spirit. We get to put our pride on display and let the world know about our school's amazing things. It's hard to say exactly about Homecoming. It can be many things. First of all, it's about finding the perfect dress, and you can choose from Missord homecoming dresses. We've got some tips and tricks to help you look your best, feel your best, and have the best time!

After that, it’s a dance, where we celebrate with our friends. It's a football game, where we can cheer on our team and root them on to victory. Homecoming is when we can be proud of who we are and where we come from.

And that's why we all love Homecoming—it's an opportunity for us to show our school spirit and celebrate the great things about being a student at our schools.

It is the time of year when you and your squad wear spiffy outfits, spend hours perfecting your hair, and take the perfect group photo for Instagram. When you pull out all the stops, be as extra as you want, and look, fly AF on a school night.

History of Homecoming:

When the Homecoming tradition first started, it was all about getting alumni to come back and visit their alma maters. But what no one expected was how much the tradition would also bring homecoming attendees a sense of nostalgia for their high school or college years.

It's a fun coincidence that Homecoming dances are often held around harvest time because the word "Homecoming" actually has harvest-related origins. The word comes from an old expression, "coming home at harvest time," referring to bringing in the crops after they've been growing all season.

In 1911, the University of Missouri was the first to host a Homecoming event. They invited alumni to come back to campus and celebrate their football team's big win over rival Kansas Jayhawks. The event was such a hit that it became an annual tradition!

The next year, Baylor University copied Missouri's idea (with permission) and hosted its Homecoming celebration. Baylor's alumni were so enthusiastic that they decided to make the event even bigger by inviting students from surrounding colleges to join in on the fun.

It was so successful that it spread throughout the country—and today, it's one of the biggest celebrations on campuses.

Why is Homecoming Important?

Homecoming is really important. For many students, it's their first opportunity to see their school in a different light—rather than just a place they go to study and take classes, high school becomes an environment that's fun and exciting. For graduates, it's a chance to reconnect with old friends and reminisce about their time at the school. And for faculty members, it's an opportunity to show off all the great accomplishments of the school's students.

It is an important part of history. It's a time to celebrate the things that matter to you, show off your interests, and learn about others' interests. Going to Homecoming is also important for your health: it teaches you how to interact with other people, which can prevent depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

But what if you don't have any friends? Well, it's time to make some! There are lots of ways to meet people at Homecoming. You can walk up to someone and say hi if they're alone or look lost in the crowd. Another way is through social media: there are tons of groups on Facebook or Twitter where people are looking to connect before the big night to meet up when they all get there. This way, you'll already know some people--and maybe even have a date!

Going out with friends has many benefits: it helps you stay social even after Homecoming ends because now you've got something else in common besides schoolwork or classes at work. Plus, it'll boost your confidence and help you feel better about life in general because when we spend time together, we get endorphins (those happy chemicals) flowing through our bodies which help us feel good from hectic daily routines.

It's also a great opportunity to show off your school spirit! Everyone is so proud of where they went to college, and Homecoming is the perfect time to brag about it. The more you show your pride, the more fun you have. So, get out there, get your face painted and wear a lot of blues (or whatever color your school uses).

What are the Typical Events of Homecoming?

There are tons of fun homecoming events you can participate in, whether you're on a college campus.

Here are some of the most common:


The "Parade" event is a celebration of the homecoming spirit. It showcases the various clubs and organizations on campus and the wonderful diversity that our student body offers. Students, teachers, and community members dress up in school colors and march through town during this event. The cheerleading captain usually organizes the parade at Homecoming.

Football Game:

The football game in Homecoming is a game that involves the sport of football. It typically features the home team playing their biggest rival.

Tailgating Before the Game:

The tailgating before the game in Homecoming is a tradition passed down through generations of students. It's a time to get together, cook some burgers, and enjoy each other's company as our team prepares for the big game! The alumni and current students hang out and eat on the sidelines.

A Pep Rally:

The pep rally in Homecoming is where all of the residents come together to celebrate and show their school spirit, the high school band plays the school's anthem, and the football team dances on stage.

A Bonfire:

The bonfire event in Homecoming is an event that happens at the end of summer and the beginning of fall when people come together to sing and dance around a fire. The bonfire event is also a chance for first-year students to get to know older students and for older students to get to know the first-year students.

An Alumni Reunion:

It is a gathering of former students to catch up and reminisce about their alma mater. At the Homecoming alumni reunion, you can meet with your former classmates and teachers and learn what they're doing now.

Are Prom and Homecoming the same?

Prom and Homecoming are two occasions that are often confused with each other. While they are important milestones in any teenager's life, they are very different events.

A formal dance conducted at the end of the school year is called prom. It is typically held at a venue that isn't normally used for school dances, such as a fancy hotel or banquet center. There is usually a prom theme, although it may be less structured than the theme for Homecoming. Prom is considered an important rite of passage for high school students; it's an evening where everyone dresses up to celebrate their time in high school before moving on to college or careers.

On the other hand, a Homecoming is a special event held at the beginning of the fall semester. It is usually centered around a football game and pep rally, and it's also when the Homecoming court—the king, queen, and attendants—are crowned. While many teenagers go to prom without dates, it's more common to attend Homecoming with a date or group of friends. Prom is typically seen as more serious than Homecoming.

How should you dress for Homecoming?

It's finally here: Homecoming season! And you know what that means… it's time to start shopping for the perfect dress.

In our experience, the best way to do this is to start with a theme—and the perfect place to find that theme is here on Missord! Spend a few minutes looking around some of the "Missord homecoming dress" sections on the home page. You'll be amazed at how many trends are out there and how easy it is to choose one that fits your style.

Once you've chosen a theme, it's time to start shopping! Whether you want something classic and timeless or more modern, we've got options for every taste. We've got everything from Missord prom dresses and Missord evening gowns to Missord designer dresses and Missord cocktail dresses. Our goal is to make sure that every girl feels like a princess on that special night. Let us help you to choose the perfect dress for your Homecoming. We have the best designer Missord Dress.

Emerald Green Satin Sleeveless Maxi Mermaid Prom Dress XH2133

This Missord green and sleeveless gown is a great prom dress for Homecoming and social events. With this dress, you will also get the benefits of wearing satin fabric. It is made of soft, comfortable, and stretch materials that make it easy to wear. This dress is simple and elegant to wear. When you buy this, it means you can have an eye-catching product. The emerald green color is the king of color and will be your best choice.

Long Sleeve Cut Out Sequin Mini Dress XJ1324

Need a night to shine? Our Missord Cut Out Mini Dress is the perfect way to add a little glam to your Homecoming look. This dress features long sleeves, a v-neckline, and a fitted silhouette that hits high on the waist. The waist-cinching design also comes in an eye-catching red color that will surely turn heads as you enter. Wrap this dress around your waist and pack it in your carry-on for an impromptu Homecoming party. Slip into this piece from Ltolto, and you won't regret it!

Formal Purple Sequin Halter Mini Dress Purple XJ1229

Glamorous and gorgeous—this dress is just what you need to take your Homecoming event to the next level. With its chic, bodycon fit that still leaves room for movement and long sleeves that keep you comfortable, this mini dress is designed with a halter neckline that provides a flattering neckline for every body type. The all-over sequins are stunning and sure to turn heads, and the backless design shows off your back in the most elegant way. When you're going out for your Homecoming or Prom, try pairing this dress with a pair of strappy heels and an updo to show off the exquisite details of the back!

Deep V-Neck Sequins Apricot Maxi Cami Dress M01224

This Missord Prom Dress is designed to make you look and feel like a total superstar. The entire dress is lined for your comfort with a polyester/cotton blend that's super stretchy and will hug all your curves in the right places.

The color is a gorgeous apricot, which means it goes with everything in your closet—the dress will work perfectly with whatever shoes or jacket you want to pair. Plus, there are no sleeves! That means you don't have to worry about pesky bra straps ruining the look, and you can let your arms breathe. There's also an adorable slit at the hemline to show off your legs (and give yourself some room to dance). And who doesn't love sequins? They're fun to add a little shine and glamour to any outfit.


Plunging Neck Split Thigh Green Maxi Satin Knit Dress XH1221

There's nothing quite like a good black dress, especially when you can wear it as often as you want without it getting all sweaty. The Missord Plunging Neck Split Thigh Dress is an elegant maxi dress with a sleek and flattering cut. It features a deep V-neck, long sleeves, and waist-high split thighs. The dress is made of high-quality polyester and cotton, with a slight stretch for comfort. The fabric moves easily with your body, so you can dance the night away without worrying about the dress keeping up.

This dress is an excellent choice if you're looking for something that provides just enough coverage while still being sexy. It's perfect for Homecoming, prom dance, and even date nights!

Split Ruched Red Velvet Cami Prom Dress M0698

There's nothing quite like a red dress to make you feel like a new woman. You're not a simple girl—you're the queen of the entire damn universe, and it's time you start dressing like it. Missord created this dress for your Homecoming: because we want you to feel as glamorous as you are.

This maxi-length dress is made of sleek velvet, giving you a little extra sway in your step as you walk into any room or down the street in all your great glory. The cami top features spaghetti straps, zipper closure in the back, and ruching at the bust, making this dress perfect for all body types. The skirt is nice and flowy, with a slit to show those legs up to mid-thigh. We recommend pairing this with some chunky accessories that match the fabric for a look that says "don't mess with me" and "please mess with me."

Backless Sleeveless Yellow Maxi Satin Prom Dress XH2023

This glamourous, backless, yellow dress is just what you need for your Homecoming! This gorgeous dress will have you looking and feeling like the queen you are. The beautiful satin and sequin fabric, spaghetti straps, and high waist will accentuate your curves in all the right places. You'll be turning heads left and right when you stride into that dance like a superstar, looking fabulous in this dress. The best part is how easy this dress is to care for: simply hand wash or dry clean it to keep it looking fresh. Get yours today before they're gone! To complete the outfit, add heels and a clutch purse.


Black Sexy Half Sleeve Black Mini Knit Prom Dress XJ1143

Are you looking for an elegant and sophisticated dress that makes you look like an angel? You've found it!

Get ready to look your absolute best in this Ltolto Black Sexy Half Sleeve Mini Dress. It is a beautiful dress that will complement your figure and make you look even more gorgeous than you already are! It is made of polyester and cotton, making it soft to touch and comfortable to wear. You will love how it feels against your skin as it hugs everybody's curve with its fitted design. It comes in black color, making it easy to match with other pieces in your wardrobe. Plus, its off-the-shoulder neckline gives it an elegant look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This is a dress you'll never want to take off.


High Slit Bodycon Blue Maxi Knit Dress XJ1146

You'll be the party's life in this Missord blue maxi dress. With an eye-catching design, you won't go unnoticed. This dress is polyester and features a bodycon cut and maxi length. The slightly stretchy material feels luxurious on your skin and provides an extra boost of comfortability.

It also has a V neck, which shows off just enough cleavage to look sexy but not enough to look trashy. The waistline is high, and the skirt is slit, showing your beautiful legs. Pair it with some heels or wedges to complete your classy look! You can wear this blue maxi bodycon dress at your Homecoming event, so don’t hesitate to buy it!

Elegant Lace Dot Mock Neck Casual Dress FT18309

Missord Homecoming Dress got you covered for your event or any other special occasion you can think of!

Our Missord Elegant Dot Lace Tulle Prom Dress is the perfect choice for your next upcoming event like Homecoming. With a long, flowing skirt in white tulle with a light polka dot print, you'll look like you just stepped out of the ballroom from your favorite fairy tale. The slimming waist and stand collar are romantic, while the regular-fit fabric will keep you comfortable all night long.

The zipper makes it easy to slip in and out of it. And did we mention that it's made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton? So, this is for you if you're looking for a dress that will have everyone turning heads all night long at your Prom or Homecoming—or every other event on your calendar. Pair with heels for a formal look, or wear with flats for an effortless style that works as well at lunch as it does at dinner.


Band Waist Backless Sleeveless Satin Prom Dress XJ1160

One way to be unique? Wear a blue Missord prom dress. We know, we know: you're probably thinking about all the times you've seen someone wear a black dress and thought, "wow, that's SO original." But guess what? Times have changed! There are so many other colors out there, and in this case, we're talking about a beautiful blue prom dress.

When you wear a blue prom gown, you don't have to worry about being mistaken for someone else at your prom. You can rest easy knowing that your dress will turn heads as soon as you walk into the room. And when you leave your date's house after the big night? You'll have no problem finding each other afterward because you'll be the only one in blue!

If this sounds like something you'd want to experience, trust us: it is. We promise that you'll never return to anything else once you get dressed up in blue for your prom night.


Square Neck Split Back Sequin Prom Dress XJ468

Like a star shining in the sky, this Square Neck Sequins Missord Prom Dress will make you stand out in any crowd! Its silver color and sequins give it a glamorous shine, while the fit is soft and silky. It's perfect for any special occasion, and it's sure to make heads turn no matter where you go.

It's a long, form-fitting gown with a square neckline and adjustable spaghetti straps. It features a split front that gives it a relaxed look while you're dancing and a zipper down the back that makes it easy to put on and take off. The dress is made from 100% polyester, so it's easy to clean—make sure you hand wash it and don't dry clean it.

Its simple design makes it easy to dress up with your favorite accessories—try pairing it with some sparkly jewelry or playing with different hairstyles to find what fits your mood best. Just be aware that you might get stopped by strangers asking about your outfit!


Here we are going to end this Blog. Now you know what Homecoming is and why it is an important event. If you're getting ready for Homecoming, the Missord Homecoming dress can help you find the perfect dress for your style and body type. So don't forget to check out our exclusive homecoming dress picks and build up your unique style! Don't forget these little details that make a big difference!



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