It's time for spring and summer fun! And what do teens think about the most? It's Prom Season! Prom is a special ball that every girl wants to attend. Prom is not just a celebration, but also an important way for the young people to enhance their personality. Prom is about making memories with the person you love the most. Prom is an extravaganza just out of everyday routine; it's a Cinderella story waiting to be told. Prom is when you dress up so nicely you can't possibly imagine doing anything but dancing all night long. It's a sensation that can't be described and is truly felt on the inside.

Even if you're not going to the school prom, everyone is still promming off of their style and elegance, whether or not they choose to admit it. As for another thing, all students should know about Prom — it's important.

Read on if you're wondering what Prom is, why it's so important, and how people come up with prom outfits.

What is Prom?

The word comes from the term promenade, where "to prom" means to attend a formal dance. Proms have evolved and are now highly anticipated events involving dates, dinner, music, dancing, photographs, etc.

Prom is the annual formal dance of high school juniors and seniors. It's a night when you can wear your fanciest dress (or suit) and feel like a movie star! It's a time for teenagers to get all dolled up and spend one night of the year feeling like they're truly on top of the world. It's an opportunity to feel like you've been transported into another, more glamorous universe where everyone is beautiful, and nothing can go wrong.

Prom is full of so many memories that last a lifetime, from the process of picking out your dress to the moment when you step out of your ride and onto the red carpet. It's about the joy of getting ready with your friends and creating an epic night for you and your date to remember forever. It's about being seen in a way that makes you feel special, strutting down the hallway at school with your head held high, knowing that everyone else knows that this night is yours.

While Prom is known as a "dance," it's also an opportunity to get together with friends, take pictures, and eat delicious food. Sometimes people go to their favorite restaurant or order pizza after the dance. Some schools have catered proms that serve full meals for free!

History of Prom:

Prom has been around for a long time, but when did it start in schools? It is a relatively modern tradition, but its roots reach back to the 19th century. In the late 1800s, school events like dances and parties became more popular. They were inspired by debutante balls, which are formal dances for young women who are being introduced into society.

The first Prom took place at Ballard High School in Seattle in 1897. It was called "Promenade," and the event was meant to be a scholarship fundraiser for students to attend college. But still, it wasn't a tradition about 50 years later that Prom became what we know today: an event for high school students to celebrate their senior year together by dressing up and dancing.

The first Prom was held at Long Island University in New York on May 24th, 1921, so this year will mark its 101st anniversary! Prom has become one of the most celebrated events of every American teen's life.

Purpose of Prom:

We all remember going to Prom when we were teenagers. Something was thrilling about getting to dress up in your most fancy attire and experience it as part of a group, with an entire school full of people who shared your excitement for one night before graduation. Going to Prom is like the ultimate rite of passage for many teens. It's a tradition passed down from generation to generation, especially in the United States and Canada. But why? What is the purpose of the Prom?

The purpose of Prom is to engage with friends, have fun and celebrate the end of high school. It is a tradition that most people look forward to every year. It helps them transition from childhood to adulthood and celebrates the end of their adolescence. Prom is not just about going to a party. The whole experience includes getting ready, getting a dress or tux, having a date, taking pictures, going to the event, and then going out after for some more fun. You can also escape from your parents and spend time with your friends socializing and dancing.

For many people, Prom is one of the most memorable nights of their lives because it's one of the first times they go out without their family or parents. It's also something they will remember forever, especially if they could bring along a date or friends.

Who are Prom King and Queen?

Prom King and Queen are the most famous people in school. They are chosen by the teachers or their fellow students based on their popularity. But what kind of popularity? Do you have to play sports? Be the president of a student council? Have a hot Instagram account with more than 100 followers?

In some countries, it is decided by a majority vote from all the students in the school. In other countries, like Norway, it is chosen by the teachers after a vote among themselves. Some schools also have other categories for Prom King and Queen, such as 'Most Athletic' or 'Most Likely to Succeed.'

What Are the Most Important Things in Prom?

Prom is a big deal. Everyone wants to look their best and party in style. But Prom is also costly, so it's essential to budget for those expenses well in advance.

Here are two things you can't forget when planning your prom night:


If you are going to your Prom on a date, you must look good together. White and black tuxedos are the traditional choices for boys. However, girls have more freedom when choosing their prom dresses. So, don't forget to check out Miss Ord Gowns below and choose your favorite one.

The prom dress is a significant purchase and reflects your style. Choosing a prom outfit can be pretty stressful and tedious as it should be formal and stylish at the same time. However, the right outfit can help you make your special night memorable. Prom outfits not only show off your personality but also your class. This event allows you to dress up and look like a celebrity. It also gives you a chance to show how elegant and classy you are by dressing according to your personality and style. Dressing well will make you feel confident about yourself, which can help you leave an everlasting impression on others.


A promposal is when you ask someone to Prom. They're usually elaborate and can be anything from just asking someone in a cute way to asking someone with many people in costume singing and dancing around them.

They are a fun, creative way to pop the big question: "Will you go to prom with me?"

The person who asks their friend to Prom is called the "promposer."

The answer can be "yes" or "no," but it should always be delivered creatively! The person who answers the question is called the "promposee."

Though they can be time-consuming and expensive, promposals have become necessary for the prom experience. They allow people to get creative and go big to make the other person feel special, but they help set the mood for what will hopefully be an equally legendary evening.

Have you Decided on Anything to Wear to your Prom?

The dressing is important. It grasps attention from the people in the event. It can also affect the mood of the person. Have you decided what you are going to wear on your prom night? If not, you are at the right place.

Missord Collection is an online boutique that offers the best dresses for every event. They deal in a wide range of clothes available in different sizes, colors, and designs. Its motto is to provide quality products at affordable prices. You can find a variety of prom dresses in their collection. The best thing about these dresses is that they offer great comfort while wearing them.

Here I will recommend the top 10 best prom dresses from Missord, and I am sure you will fall in love with them.

Slip into the Off Shoulder Maxi Mermaid Knit Yellow Prom Dress for a look that's as unique as you are. This yellow knot mermaid maxi dress is for when you want to stop traffic. Warm and bright with a slightly stretchy feel, this off shoulder beauty is ready for just about anything from a night out on the town to an elegant evening soiree (but we think it's especially suited to Prom). The knot off shoulder neckline and backless design give this dress an elegant feeling, while the mermaid hemline ensures your legs get the attention they deserve. No matter where you wear it or how you style it, we know you'll look and feel fabulous in this dress.

Missord Off Shoulder Draped Mermaid Hem Satin Dress M02066

You're going to be living in this dress. Easy, breezy, and beautiful is the game's name, and this dress has it. The off-the-shoulder neckline is perfect for when you want a little bit of skin showing, and the long, flowing mermaid hem makes sure you're just as comfortable as you are glamorous. We love dresses like this one because they’re so easy to wear—we’re talking all day. Add a pair of flats and some gold jewelry, or put on some heels, and throw your hair up in a bun for a sophisticated look that will get you noticed at the event—or anywhere else you need your makeup game to be strong. This Missord Off Shoulder Draped Mermaid Hem Satin Dress comes in White and features an off-the-shoulder neckline, short sleeves, slim fit bodice that falls into a mermaid hem with draped detailing on the right side.

Look as princess as you are in this retro, chic, red mesh panel mermaid dress from Missord! This dress is perfect for a banquet or an evening party.

This product is made from polyester and mesh, so it's durable and comfortable. It's available in red and has a mermaid hemline design, a zipper, and cold-shoulder sleeves. 

We love a maxi dress that doesn't sacrifice glamour for comfort. Introducing the Draping Strapless Velvet Dark Purple Maxi Prom Dress M02119. When you want to look perfect and make sure that everyone knows you're a person with personality, you wear this dress. With its secret color, split, strapless, and maxi length, this dress will turn heads and make people think you're way more astonishing than they are. The high waist will ensure that you're ready for any angle someone might catch you from. Whether you're going to Prom or a cocktail party, this dress will turn heads.

Missord Off Shoulder Lantern Sleeve Cut Out Dress XJ923

Dress to impress and rule any room you enter in the Missord Off Shoulder Lantern Sleeve Cut Out Dress! This dress is form-fitted through the bodice, with a flirty off-the-shoulder neckline and bishop sleeve cutouts. The fitted waist and A-line, tiered skirt make for an ultra-flattering silhouette. The maxi-length skirt has a ruffled hem that creates a dramatic flair as you walk.The dress is lined and features a side zipper closure. The slight stretch fabric makes it easy to slip on, and the gorgeous baby blue hue is sure to turn heads wherever you go! This dress pairs perfectly with chunky sandals or strappy stilettos for an elegant and effortless look.

The Formal Off The Shoulder Draped Sequin Sage Green Evening Dress is the perfect choice for all the glamorous girls for your next party! This flattering silhouette features a Ruched bodice, off-shoulder neckline, and mermaid hem. And with its bright, light green color and glitter sequin material, this dress will turn heads all night long. This dress is available in green and has a zipper closure. The off-shoulder neckline and mermaid hem make this dress the perfect choice for ladies who want to be noticed at their next event or party.

Missord Backless Sequin Prom Dress XJ752

It's baby blue, glamorously sequined, and looks like it was made for a princess like you. It has a sweetheart neckline and an open back—perfect for showing off your summer tan and hugs your curves in all the right places. This dress is covered in iridescent sequins that make you look like a mermaid in the water. The blue color makes it stand out, and the zipper-back detail will ensure it fits you perfectly. This is the perfect dress for Prom, formal events, or even just if you want to feel like a queen for a day. The Missord Backless Sequin Prom Dress is made from slightly stretchy material that will fit you like a glove so you can spend more time dancing instead of worrying about how you look. So go ahead and get ready to dance the night away in style! Pair with your favorite heels, and don't be afraid to layer on some jewelry—you're going to need it when you're getting all the compliments!

Glamorous and glamorous. This mermaid-cut maxi dress will make you a standout at your next event. It's so luxurious, and you'll feel like you're walking on a red carpet. This gown will make you feel like a goddess. Our slim fit, mermaid hem, and floor-length fabric hug your curves and make you feel gorgeous no matter what. The high waistline nips in your waist and accentuates your bust while the mermaid skirt flares out and flatters your hips, thighs, and calves. The spaghetti straps are adjustable, so you can ensure they're just right to support your bust. The low-cut neckline is also adjustable with a tie at the back of the dress to show as much or as little skin as you want. We know this dress will be perfect for any occasion with a glamorous royal blue hue and details like spaghetti straps and a tie back.

Missord One Shoulder Satin Prom Dress XJ1050

Ok, you guys… this dress is seriously GLAMOROUS. And we're not saying that for no reason. It's made of SATIN, and it's got a split thigh, which means when you walk into the club, someone (i.e., your crush) will be able to see your super-toned legs! What more could you want? And don't even get us started on the backless part—you'll be able to show off your gorgeous back muscles without any awkward tan lines! And when you combine those features with the fact that it's high-waisted and in an eye-catching yellow color? You've got yourself a real winner. This dress is form-fitting and gives the illusion of an hourglass figure by nipping in at the waist and highlighting your curves. It doesn't matter if you're going to Prom or just hanging out at a bar—this stunning dress will make you look and feel like a million bucks.

So, add it to your cart already!

Bottom Line:

Prom night is usually the most important event in high school. It’s a formal dance you want to be memorable, and your prom dress is a big part of that. Whether you want something simple or embellished, long or short, full or fitted, there are so many gorgeous choices that it can be hard to decide! Missord offers the best prom dresses. The range of styles and colors lets you find exactly what you need for the big night. Each dress has an affordable price tag and high quality. No matter what style you choose, you'll turn heads at Prom with a gorgeous gown from Missord!

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