With Halloween around the corner, we will have a lot of parties to attend in the coming November and December. So, do you have any tips about how to choose a party dress? For some people who are picking out a dress for the first time, such as girls who are just coming of age, or ladies who want to change their style, do you have any suggestions to them? Here are some tips for you:

1.How should I choose my prom dress color?

Generally speaking, Gold, Burgundy, Emerald Green and Black is a good choice. No matter what your skin tone is, you can never go wrong with these basic colors, and they go well with shoes, bags, and accessories.

Of course, Royal Blue or Sliver Dress is also a nice choice, and you can even try light purple. Purple always accompanied with different & mystery. In short, if you do not know what color to choose, basic color is your best choice. If you want to be different, brighter color like royal blue or purple, worth to try it.

2. Which material is better for the prom dress?

The common materials of prom dresses are velvet, sequin, satin, mesh, lace, etc.  Velvet dress wears with elegance and goes well with the atmosphere of autumn and winter. For ancient court banquets, many ladies and princesses would choose velvet dresses as their first choice to attend the banquet. For example, Audrey Hepburn's black velvet dress became a classic after its appearance in the movie.


Banquet lights is a nonnegligible element for you to choose the fabric! Sequin Dress plays great role in it! When the party lights are turned on and you appear in your sequined gown, all the lights will converge on you and you will be the center of attention in the crowd.Certainly, if you don't want that much attention, you can ignore this advice.

Satin with a glossy finish Dress can also be in your prom list! Satin dresses seek comfort for the wearer. In general, style of satin dresses will be simple but classic, and not easy to get wrong, and suitable for anyone. If you are attending a formal occasion or you want to attend a party elegantly, a satin dress will be a good choice for you.

 3. How to choose a suitable prom dress according to my figure?

Trust me, every figure all can find one perfect prom dress. We do not need to have any body anxiety, bravely show yourself, you are the most beautiful!  Here I divided the figure into four types: Banana shape, Apple Shape, Pear Shape, Hourglass Shape Quick check your shape here:
Banana shape, the difference between the three circumference is not much, and with less curve, the overall look is relatively thin. For those girls, the simple and generous style is perfect for you. Try to choose dresses with shoulder pads and those that raise the waistline. This will look better in proportion. Ballon sleeve, waist-skimming, swing dress, is also a nice choice for you. Don't try bodycon, sheath, or so sexy dresses.

Apple Shape, the upper body will be a little fatter than the lower body, flesh on the waist and abdomen, but the legs are relatively thin. For those girls, try to choose a lighter and simpler model. V-neck or U-neck will suit for you. Avoid choosing bubble sleeves, ruffles and styles and fabrics with pile-ups, and also do not choose tight-fitting dresses. It is better for you to choose knee-length or midi dress.

Pear Shape, slim upper body with thin waist, lower body wide crotch, large hips, thick thighs. You should avoid overly loose fitting upper body clothing and mini dress, focus on waistline, show more shoulder and neck. Maxi Loose Dress is perfect for you.

Hourglass Shape, perfect curve and slim waist. You can choose more waist-skimming clothes as well as bodycon dress, fabric choice of light and close style. You should avoid sheath dress and loose dress. Want find more unique and design prom dress?  Come to Missord and open a wonderful prom dress world!

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